Lexington Chamber July Breakfast Meeting

2015-07-16 14:41:00 cristina

Morgan Jones tells the Carolina Health Care story to members of the Lexington Chamber July Breakfast Meeting.

morgan jones

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Every Hour is Precious

2015-06-04 15:35:59 ryan

Are you living “fully in the moment” with the loved one or other person in your care? Here is a touching article about one caregiver and her mother, posted on Caring for Parents and Kids, Jo’s Blog.

“A few weeks ago my Mom fell and broke her hip. Due to her already diminished mental capacity (late stage dementia) and weakened physical state prior to the fall, I elected to forgo surgery. The picture painted by doctors looked the same whether we operated or not. The upside to surgery was negligible at best while the downsides were significant and highly likely…”  Read the full article here.

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Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress for Seniors and Caregivers

2013-11-06 14:22:54 cristina


The holidays can be both exciting and stressful, especially as aging family members hit new milestones and life changes, altering the dynamics of cherished traditions. As family dynamics shift with time, keeping the holidays light and festive requires ever more forethought and planning. Homewatch CareGivers offers these tips for bringing joy and love to you and yours this holiday season.
Skip the crowds.

Stress and safety concerns can cause the hectic nature of holiday shopping to become an inconvenience — or down-right impossible. Instead of hitting the mall this year, light a cozy fire, brew up a hot beverage and help your elderly loved one purchase holiday gifts from a catalogue or online in the comfort and safety of their home. As you browse, take the time to reminisce about favorite gifts past.

Check one gift off your shopping list by entering our 30th birthday contest. You could win a pair of Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings!

Take a personal inventory.

It’s easy for family caregivers (you) to experience burnout in the process of tending to the needs of others. Don’t let the holiday season planning, shopping and stress get the best of you. Find respite care for your loved one during the season’s hustle and bustle so that you can de-stress. Once you’ve created some time for yourself, have tea with friends, read a good book, or spend time baking — remember that the greatest gift you can give to your loved one is your calm and centered presence and that everything else can wait!

Get creative.

If family traditions have lost their luster, choose something that is inclusive and low-stress. Instead of seeing “The Nutcracker” at a local playhouse, buy a version of the musical on DVD, bake some holiday treats, and invite the family over for movie night! If you’re looking for an activity that your aging parents can participate in without the entire family, the senior center in your area may coordinate caroling, cooking or gift-wrapping events that will get your loved one out of the house and engaged in the community. (Not to mention it will give you, the family caregiver, some time for you!)

Support your local charity.

When the snow is flying, stay inside and keep warm! Help your loved one go through their pantry, linens and clothing in search of items that may no longer be useful (or necessary). Donate to local shelters and charities (and save that novelty for the neighborhood gift swap).

Be adventurous with your Cooking.

Family meals are the heart of most holiday traditions. Preparing a holiday feast for the entire family can become more of a challenge if your aging relatives have dietary restrictions. With a little pre-planning and online research you can modify unwanted ingredients in your favorite signature dishes or family recipes. Your loved one will feel honored to be included and the entire family will be amazed at your cooking genius!

Make it a New Year’s resolution.

As a new year approaches, create resolutions that are far more meaningful than losing weight or getting organized. Resolve to spend quality time with your aging loved one, to bring the grandchildren for more frequent visits, or to look into home care — to relieve some of the caregiving responsibilities from yourself, and ensure the well-being of your aging family member.

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April Employee of the Month

2013-05-24 12:07:38 cristina

Congratulations to the  April 2013 Employee of the Month! We would like to thank Mrs. Kim for always going above and beyond what is expected of her. Thank you for treating your clients as more than a job but treating them as your family. This dedication speaks volume of your character. Thank you again and Congrats from all of us here at Carolina Health Care.

April 2013 Employee of the Month


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Holiday Senior Tips

2012-11-28 16:17:39 cristina

Holiday Tips for Seniors

Ten Ways to Keep the Season Merry

Nora Beane

Nora Beane, Yahoo! Contributor Network Nov 17, 2006 “Share your voice on Yahoo! websites.
These ten holiday tips for seniors can help you to enjoy the holiday season ahead . That’s because this list of ten holiday tips for seniors suggest simple techniques for keeping you and the season under control so that you can really realax and settle in to a full season of celebration . The real bonus of these ten holiday tips for seniors is that they are just the beginning of your holiday survival plan. Once you start considering holiday tips for seniors you are likely to drum up a few more ideas all on your own to make the holiday season truly senior friendly.1. It’s Not a Sprint It’s a Marathon Does the thought of the holidays put your internal engine into overdrive? Does your mind race to a thousand thing you feel you really have to do in order for the holidays to be perfect? Well whatever your must do list amounts to, the best way to maintain the joy of the holiday season and your own good mental and physical health is to recognize that the holidays stretch over almost an entire month and they don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

You really don’t have to do everything immediately, or the moment you think of it. Actually you don’t have to do everything , at all. Avoid the pressure, make a list in advance of all the things big and small that you want to do to prepare for the holidays. Then prioritize your list. Give each item a number depending on its importance to you. Spend your time working on the things that are most important and forget about the rest. And take your time doing whatever you do. Too much effort up front will leave you exhausted and irritable when it’s time to do the things you really want to enjoy.

2. Take as many naps as you can One of the most important things that you can do for yourself and those around you is to be rested. Accomplish what you can each day as the holidays approach but don’t skip a nap in order to shop or clean more or longer. Your body and mind are used to a certain pattern of rest and activity. Overdue too much and you will pay the price and so will those around you if exhaustion leaves you out of sorts or grumpy as a result of being off your personal schedule.

3. Eat Healthy There are just too many opportunities during the holiday season to overeat, eat the wrong things, or eat at crazy hours. An important holiday tip for seniors is to remember to use good common sense when it comes to holiday indulgence. Of course eating is a part of the seasonal joy. But reason needs to rule. Know limitations and enjoy what you can within those guidelines. There’s nothing enjoyable about a stomach ache, diarrhea, a bump up in your blookd pressure or an allergic reaction. You know what your body deserves for the holidays and for the whole year though. If it helps just pretend that your doctor is sitting down to dinner with you, that should restore your judgment.

4 Wash Your Hands A Lot Signs in many doctors offices warn about the ease with which disease can be spread. Your hands touch all kinds of surfaces and can bring you in touch with all kinds of germs. Your defense , wash your hands frequently, especially when you go out of yoru own home environment. A good holiday tip for seniors is to stay healthy and ready for the joys of the season by washing your hands a bit more frequently during the holiday season.
5.Don’t Shop Beyond Your Means The holidays make us all a little crazy. We want to buy for those grandchildren, dear friends, spouses, the list seems endless. A good holiday tip for seniors is to remember that your supply of money isn’t as endless as your gift list. Staying within your pre-set budget will put your mind at ease and keep you from wondering what to do when those credit card bills start arriving. No one on your list wants you to suffer anxiety during the holidays just because you felt you had to buy one more gift.. Only you can keep a good hold on your common sense and your own purse strings.

6. Share a Holiday Tradition You know that the holidays are a lot more than just shopping for gitfs. Take a little time to share something special during the holiday season with friends or family.- something drawn from your own holiday memories. It can be making cookies, creating decorations, arranging a center piece or taking a simple walk in the snow. It’ll give you joy both in looking back and in the present moment.

7. Keep a Song in Your Heart Sometimes the holidays can get seniors down. A really helpful holiday tip for seniors that are feeling the melancholy of the season is to break the cycle by listening to some happy holiday music. Nothing slow or overly sentimental but something upbeat, sparkling and fun will get rid of the blues and keep you humming long after the music has been turned off. You can sing along if you like but just treating your mind and heart to some music and joy can give you a lift that lasts the day, and one you can easily share with others.
8. Connect with Joy The holidays can also be kept bright by making a connection with old friends and relatives who live at a distance and whom you seldom see. Sending a card can get the job done and an e-mail will definitely get read, but hearing the voice of an old friend on the phone is a gift you can give yourself with only a slight tweaking of your budget.

9. Enjoy Everything When the season starts to really get busy here’s one holiday tip for seniors you want to hold on to. Don’t let yourself get so centered on one holiday gathering that you miss some of the smaller joys of the season. A quiet visit with a dear friend, a concert at the high school, carolers at the mall, checking out the local holiday lights these are simple joys, they don’t cost much but they fill the season with memorable moments and bring you out of your own holiday seclusion or obsession.

10.What Is the Holiday All About The last and probably the most important holiday tip for seniors is perhaps the one you need to put into effect first. Before the season takes hold, sit back for a moment and think about the season to come. Bring to mind why it is that you celebrate this season every year without fail. What does this time of year mean to you, not to anyone else, just to you? Put up some decoration, light a candle or display a picture that can serve as a focus and a daily reminder throughout the season of the true meaning of the holidays for you. Maybe you’ll put up a family photo, a wreath you have had forever, a crèche, a menorah. Whatever it is, this central focus should help to convince you to make good use of the other nine tips so that you can enjoy the kind of holiday season that will be meaningful and joyous for you and yours and will be remembered for years to come.


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