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Autism and The Rise of Gluten Sensitivity

Autism and The Rise of Gluten Sensitivity By Erin Froehlich From the The Well Mind Blog Series Hello and welcome back to The Well Mind, the series bringing you the latest developments in mental health. This week: gluten – and if you’re confused as to why I’m discussing it HERE and not inside a food […]

Comparing Asperger’s and Autism, is There a Difference?

  By Brad Plaggemars From the Mental Marvels Blog Series Welcome back to Mental Marvels-where the focus is brain behavior and mental phenomenons. Many people think that Asperger’s Syndrome is the same as autism, others think that Asperger’s is a less severe form of autism. What they fail to realize is that the two are […]

Autism & Back-to-School: What Do You Wish You Knew?

  Does back-to-school make your stomach do backflips? Ours, too. So we asked some of TPGA’s contributors what they wish they’d known — as parents, or as students — about the back-to-school season. Here’s what they shared: Mir Kamin I knew it was okay to press for what my kid needed, but it took […]

Book Review: Easy to Love But Hard to Raise

Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories edited by Kay Marner and Adrienne Ehlert Bashistra is an excellent choice if you a parent with a child who has special needs or if you are someone interested in the subject of parenting challenging children. The book is filled with short, true […]