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Neuropathy – A Life Changer……

By EDNA I have had many health struggles in the last five years – cervical cancer scare, diabetes, depression, fatigue and a sweating disorder that was debilitating. Peripheral neuropathy is right up there with the sweating disorder (which thankfully disappeared after I got off of several medications). I started having problems with neuropathy in early […]

What is Neuropathy?

By John Before addressing this question I need to point out that, while the definition of neuropathy is fairly precise, the understanding of where it comes from does not always reflect that precision. Neuropathy happens when nerves outside the spinal cord and brain become damaged. This is generally called peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy Classifications: There are […]

Happy Labor Day, D-Peeps!

By AmyT on September 3, 2012 Labor, labor, labor. That pretty much sums up life with diabetes, does it not? On this Labor Day 2012, we’re thinking of all the folks who work so hard every day to improve our lives with diabetes: you know, the device-makers and HC providers and all of those who […]