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My Mother’s Brain: love in the times of dementia

The story Late in 2008, while I took a class at our health club, my husband spent time with my mother at the pool. After class, I found them sitting together by the water. They looked morose. “What happened?” I asked. My husband explained that he had placed Mom “under house arrest” because she was […]

Autism & Back-to-School: What Do You Wish You Knew?

  Does back-to-school make your stomach do backflips? Ours, too. So we asked some of TPGA’s contributors what they wish they’d known — as parents, or as students — about the back-to-school season. Here’s what they shared: Mir Kamin I knew it was okay to press for what my kid needed, but it took […]

The Case for Home Health Care

By GEORGE TALER, MD While Congress is debating health reform and struggling to accomplish the apparently competing goals of reducing costs while improving quality, I am part of a program that does both. As co-director of the Washington Hospital Center’s Medical House Call Program, I visit the sickest, frailest Medicare patients who consume a wildly […]

Becoming ‘parent of your parent’ an emotionally wrenching process

By Mindy Fetterman, USA TODAY First you get phone calls that seem kind of strange. Mom is quitting her bridge club because “they think I’m stealing from them.” A week later, she mentions an old boyfriend from the war who’s coming to take her to dinner. You think, OK, it could be true. Then the […]

Altered Walking May Be First Sign of Dementia

Once considered a normal aspect of the aging process, three recent studies have concluded that a slow or irregular gait could be an early sign of dementia. Data was compiled from 4,000 participants, measuring their pace, rhythm and size of step. The results, presented recently at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver, indicate that each […]